Safest Way Of Physical Intimacy

Best ways to involve with your companion or your partner while you’re on holiday or using services during your busy days.

People must be very obsessive regarding physical intimation with their companion or partner but people usually are not. Mostly people do it like a duty or schedule just want to do it to take a break from their tense life or hectic schedule. But this is not a way. Even you can’t enjoy it fully and it is called partial enjoyment.  So peoples are usually away from it’s actual benefits.


Whenever you’ll be on your date with your partner or hired companion. You must be 100% available with her, physically as well as mentally. So. that you would feel her at every point and part of body and vice a versa.

It is very obvious that you are being tired with your busy and boring life. You’re totally occupied with work and routine and you must have some spare time in between this hectic life because life is very precious and very valuable with a naked truth that life is one. So it shouldn’t occupied with work only. These movements can relax you from all these matters. So better companion and involvement with her correctly is playing key role in your dull life and become colour of life.

Safety is priority concern in your physically intimacy movement and whenever this word “safety” comes in your mind, automatically you consider “CONDOM

If intimacy is fully safe and secure then only you can enjoy it most. And especially when you get involve with stranger then condom doesn’t have any alternative or substitute. Instead you should use it anytime whether you’re with your girlfriend and seeking with another girlfriend experience with exotic companion of yours.


One of the most important aspect of this process is ambience or place where you want to do it. That would be hotel mostly but this must be hotel only if you’re with a companion. Never go for cheap hotels, that would ruin your whole planning and this most excitement event will convert into disaster. So hotel should be luxury or five star category. Quality or luxury hotel room increase the pleasure during this most excited event.

Bonding between partners must be better with great understanding will increase the level of joy in intimacy. So pick the right bird for it and you also must be cool during. In physical intimacy the pleasure is mutual.

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